The Cult Of Heather Lindsey

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Her authority in the matters of women’s ministry is not granted by seminary studies nor ordination. It has been assigned by proxy of her courtship and marriage to Cornelius Lindsey, founder and pastor of The Gathering Oasis in Atlanta, Georgia. The preacher focuses on helping people no matter their standing, place in society and financial state of affairs. Watching Creflo Dollar reside now helps you see it for your self.

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Heather’s words and actions can go away readers in two ways. One is the sensation is inferiority, a standard side effect of seeing the most effective moments of one’s life cataloged on social media. The second is the root of obsessive compulsion to have her life as your own. Her followers wait with baited breath to share her subsequent words across the internet. They clamor to double faucet and touch upon every Instagram submit. His rationale for asking her not to sit with their son within the backseat?